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The next generation blockchain idle game

Cryptage brings blockchain-based games to a whole new level by combining elements from collectible and idle games

Please note that development of Cryptage Origins is currently on hold.
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Cryptage is a single player game that is fully decentralized and beautiful while having an immensely deep gameplay at the same time. It puts you in charge of a crypto-venture which you must advance by collecting and utilizing various types of in-game assets.

The game allows you to collect and trade beautifully designed assets from a futuristic blockchain-based world. These assets can be used as in-game items across various games in the Cryptage universe.

A marketplace allows you to acquire assets that are missing in your collection or to sell those that you no longer require.

Cryptage lets you choose your own path

Take part in the high-risk game of illegal crypto mining. Hire developers and other experts at different locations in order to complete challenging projects and gain power and prestige. Or mayble turn to the dark side and steal your way into victory. In Cryptage you are the master of your fate!

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