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Make your way through the futuristic world where blockchain technology has changed everything

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Enter the world of Cryptage

In the not too distant future blockchain technology has become deeply integrated into human society. The magnitude of consequences has greatly exceeded what crypto-visionaries of the early days dared to imagine: established order has been shook to the core, corporate interests are runing amok, while those in power are doing everything they can to outlaw and supress the technology they can’t control. But in the shadows of the crumbling cityscapes those stuck and forgotten are looking for a way out. This is where you come from - the bottom of the pile.

Your goal is to create and manage your own blockchain venture by collecting different types of characters and assets and using them to achieve various goals of your own choosing.


Unique cards

6TYPES OF CARDS WITH different rarities

7 locations ranging from rusty garage to tower building with Lambo Parking

With much more to come....


You get to choose your own path

Take part in the high-risk game of illegal crypto mining. Hire developers at different locations and complete challenging projects to gain power and prestige. Or maybe turn to the dark side and steal your way into victory. Cryptage lets you choose any path you want - you are the master of your fate!

Fully decentralized gameplay built on Selenean

Each card you collect in Cryptage is a non-fungible Ethereum token. That means you truly own and are free to trade every card you get. Card packs have guaranteed and transparent rarity system along with profit distribution in place that automatically allocates funds to game developers, designers and art creators. Finally, Cryptage is a fully decentralized application - no servers allowed! We’ve gone to great lengths not to make compromises when it comes to decentralization and focused instead on optimizing smart contracts and making gameplay experience as streamlined and cheap as possible.

And last but not least: all of the code that enables this has been fully open-sourced and packed into a framework called Selenean, which empowers other developers, artists and other creative types to be part of the growing and open ecosystem that we wish to create. Have a look at Selenean website to learn more - or if you are impatient feel free to dive straight into the exciting world of Cryptage!

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