We are a team of entrepreneurs, developers and other creatives whose work is entirely dedicated to blockchain technology and decentralization movement in general. Functioning as a self-funded startup from Belgrade, Serbia, most of our team members have been part of the blockchain world for more than 2 years.

Aleksa Stanković

Front-end Engineer

Mateja Trifunovski

Front-end Engineer

Nikola Vuković

Front-end Engineer

Aleksandar Čakalić

Front-end Engineer

Nebojša Urošević

Blockchain Engineer

Nikola Klipa

Blockchain Engineer

Nenad Palinkašević

Blockchain Engineer

Nikola Janković

Content & Community

Vukašin Stančević

UI/UX Designer

Andrej Cvoro


Miloš Milić

Product Manager

Nevena Janković

Office Manager

The Cryptage Manifesto

What we believe in, what we stand for and why we’re building Cryptage

Cryptage Origins is a single-player browser game based on decentralized technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS that we are building in order to demonstrate the potential of these technologies in the world of collectible and competitive multiplayer games. This is intended to be the first in a series of games in the Cryptage world, a futuristic universe where blockchain has been deeply integrated into human society.